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Oct 12, 2004
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I was looking at Lincoln's concept vehicles on their website. Does anyone know if the LS will be replaced by the zephyr or in addition? Doesn't look like the zephyr has rear drive or V8 option.
the Navicross is pretty exciting and so it the concept continental. I just bought an '04 LS8 and LOVE it!
From what has been gathered from other sites the LS will be redesigned in 2008. It may be on the Mazda 6 platform only modified or stretched. Also, it may get new badging but that's not confirmed. The Zephyr is not replacing the LS. It's a smaller vehicle than the LS and is a compliment to the Ford Five Hundred. The Zephyr will only be available as a FWD for the first year but end up offering an AWD at a later date. I would suspect that Lincoln will need to keep a sport luxury sedan in the mix to be competitive with BMW and Cadillac. Cadillac has silenced Lincoln in this category since the unveiling of the CTS-V. Also, Chrysler has spanked Lincoln too with the 300C.

I can tell you one thing if Lincoln does not come out with an new version of the LS I will be investing in a BMW 5 or 7 series. I love my LSE without question and I'll stay brand loyal if need be. Lincoln needs to compete and compete aggressively.
The CTS-V is HOT! The 300C - could be a little better I sat down in one and it felt clumsy and large.

I love my LS - my freak sister-in-law (materialistic b*tch who owns an '04 MB C320) says "oh it looks like my old volvo".
I felt like telling her to take her KIA looking 'benz and shove it.

I was actually suprised to find out that the LS DIDN'T have the 4.6 V8 from the Mustang. I think that would be a good first step in ramping up performance.

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