Lincolns At Irwindale Raceway. Come Join The Fun


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Feb 18, 2007
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The Lincoln Mark VII Club would like to officially introduce:

“The First Annual Irwindale Speedway Lincoln Show and Cruise in Irwindale, California”.
This event will be held on Saturday, June 30th 2007.

ALL Lincoln owners are invited!

Here’s what you get to do. Arrive at the speedway by 3:00 pm. (10 miles from Los Angeles)
You and one guest will receive race day admission free with pit access.
You will be parked in an exhibition area where the public may view your car.
You will be asked to provide some information describing your car; it’s vintage, history, upgrades, etc.
Prior to the main event, all the cars will be escorted onto the racetrack for a few parade laps before the waiting spectators.
The raceway announcer will introduce you and give a description of your car based on the information that you provided. Each car and driver will be acknowledged.
The cars will be returned to the exhibition area and the race is on!

Now, THAT’S a cruise!
This is not a judged show. This is just for fun! There will be some commemorative give-aways and photos of you and your cars will be posted on-line for all to see.
There will be cars in all states of completion and condition so don’t be afraid to bring whatever you drive, show or race.

Again, everyone with a Lincoln is invited!

We hope to see you there for what will certainly be a fun day of Lincolns, friends and racing.

If possible, please RSVP to:


Hosted by the lincoln Mark VII Club in conjunction with Irwindale Speedway-

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