Lincoln LS's From Japan

I have a Full Euro Set (NotforSale). Lil different than the Japanese Set.

What is the actual difference between the Euro/Japanese lights and the US lights and where/how would someone locate the Euro lights?
US Lights r just all Red. The only difference between the Euro and Japanese are the Inners. The Euros have 2 Bulb sockets and Japanese only has 1. Euro/Japanese tails are Rare. As far as I know Manny has a Full Japanese Set and I have a Full Euro Set known.
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Hot damn, those used car dealerships now how to clean a car! Interiors look like they just rolled of the factory line.
agreed, so weird seeing the steering wheel on the right hand side too.
I'd love to get my hands on a right hand drive to add to the collection. Now that would be a sight to see on North American roads...on air ride of course :D
I never knew they had a Euro and Japanese model LS. That is really cool.

Extremely rare for sure.

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