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    Apr 1, 2020
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    20210501_155637.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155643.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155649.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155654.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155702.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155720.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155708.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155750.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155745.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155800.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155815.jpg - Icedrive

    This is just a portion of what I got, this is ready to go, im in south MS Gulfport if want anything in person, if not shipping fedex other option. Here is the set of HIDs im selling that currently on my car, I got another set going on, only thing is a little spotted residue on the driver light lens I havent buffed out yet.

    20210501_155521.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155550.jpg - Icedrive
    20210501_155538.jpg - Icedrive

    I also have instrument clusters with custom faceplates to change the lighting to white with factory green, goes well with a touch screen setup

    20200826_022734.jpg - Icedrive
    20200829_004749.jpg - Icedrive

    Ill get a list together tonight but if your interested please be serious and message me a phone number and text its much easier. ill get it and reply via text message for details. ill get more pics tomorrow of some more stuff


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