Lincoln LS Heater core with blend box door. This is temp blend for LS

Lincoln LS

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    Aug 16, 2015
    I own 2004 Licoln LS Sport V-8 and I also made reference on post reply stating the temp blend door on an LS brought much upset from one member and probably more that insisted I misled all on web sight and LS had no temp blend door. this is photo of combination of how pump is part of HVAC system on LS and uses radiator fluid to heater core where it exchanges heat ahd air to allow proper temp in LS cabin using the temp blend door and diverter doors following same. This is not actuator or the entire system. It is only the meet point of blend door and peat pump system found on all Lincoln LS models. Blend door is located under the dash by heater core (shown) and if thought about how system works -- is only way HVAC with pump could connect hot or cold air to cabin outlet. My photo of Navigator plenum I posted yesterday 1/26/17 was an ERROR and I am sorry for error. Good mechanic with excellent memory working for Lincoln or import dealer will verify how system in LS uses both temp blend door and fluid pump. Wes B.

    Heater core and blend box door for Lincoln LS.JPG

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