Lincoln Continental '96 Basic Advice Needed!

Lincoln Continental

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    Dec 25, 2004

    Hello All,
    This is the 2nd car I have every owned! :Beer Although it did me jusitce, I kicked my 2 door 89 BMW to the curb. Lincolns are my true calling!
    I love Lincoln Continentals! They are comfortable and very powerful.

    So, I just bought my '96 continental for $3450 with 92,000 miles. From a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 3.8. Its a V8. There is normal wear but in over good shape.

    I need advice because I am not an at home mechanic. What preventative things should I do immediately to get this car in tip top shape. (The previous owner had the car sit for months) And I consider myself a newbie to all things lincoln.

    Currently, I need to replace both front air kits and struts. I will contact Arnott Inc (sponsered vender) for part replacement. They do offer the best price. My mechanic said they cost $500 a piece for a 96 airkit or strut. I jumped online and found the part for $189 a piece at Arnott w/lifetime warranty. (I'm thinking that its best to change all airkits and struts at the same time.) Whats the difference with those aftermarket non airkits? I don't want to lose that comfortability with a different kit. And do those kits still work with the computer settings (plush, normal, firm) once changed?

    What other changes do I have to consider? Should I change the timebelt, etc
    I am absolutely clueless. And I am glad that this forum exist! Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Note: I noticed that the 'check engine soon' light now stays on. its not the gas cap. Is it a glitch? What do i have to look for? Thanks again!


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