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May 4, 2012
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Hi I´m new on this site !
I´m 42 old from germany.
I have a new car bougt : Lincoln Continental with the VIN 0Y81A840731.
Maybe somebody can help me to get informations about it like :
where is it build?how many where build? how was the price? and so on .
Sorry for my bad english.
Greetings from good old Germany sends Edwin.
Welcome to LincolnvsCadillac, Edwin! It's nice to see another classic Lincoln owner on here, especially someone from so far away (I would assume classic Lincolns are at least somewhat rare in Germany?). Anyway, I'm assuming you have a Continental, and not a "Continental Mark III", which was also built in 1969. The '69 Continental is a great car; it's the final year for the classic styling of the 60's Continentals with the "suicide doors" in the rear (on the 4-door models), but also one of the first Continentals to get the 460 engine (which I personally prefer over the older 430/462 MEL engines). Here's a website that should be able to answer your questions about your Continental: . If you click the "Production/Specifications" link, you will probably find what you are looking for there, but you will probably also enjoy taking the time to look under the other links that include standard equipment, optional equipment, interior trim, and paint colors.

I used the same site to learn about Mark IV's back over 10 years ago now before I bought my 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, and I still consider that site to have some of the best information on these cars.
Thanks a lot Maverick ! That´s a very good side !
And now one thing more :
I´m searching for the original radio from this car !? maybe somebody have an idea .
Greetings from Germany

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