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Aug 15, 2004
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Chandler, Arizona
Does my 2000 LS V8 have a limited slip differential? Please let me know and save my car from a brake-stand to find out the hard way.
No, LSs do not have a LSD. If you have Traction Control or Stabli-Trak, it will try to limit the slip of the wheel w/ less traction by applying the brake to that side forcing torque to the other side.

A fellow member on LLSOC is attemting to install an LSD in his LS, so parts are available to do so. However, given the limited off-the-line TQ produced by either the V6 or V8, I'm not convinced that there is alot to gain w/ an LSD, especially if you have TC or ST.

Can the traction control be disabled easily (while driving)?
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Drifter said:
Can the traction control be disabled easily (while driving)?

Yep. Turn it off with the switch on the console. When the light is on, AdvanceTrac or traction control is disabled
completely !!!!!

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