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Dec 13, 2019
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Phoenix, Arizona, USA
I am planning to add at least 2-inches of ground clearance on my 2013 Lincoln MKX. I am currently checking out cheap lift kits. Are there any aftermarket suspension lift kits for my MKX? Any recommendations?
Why in the f*** would you want to lift a passenger car??????

All you are going to do is mess up the handling of the vehicle... cause premature suspension and tire wear... and it will ride like shit.

Plus.... I doubt you will find any direct "bolt on" compnents. Everything will have to be custom made... and you will probably have as much or more $$$ into it... than the car is worth.

If you want a lifted passenger car... look for an AMC Concord or Eagle. They are even 4x4.
Or ... if your plan lift the vehicle enough to put "22's" on it, (or 25's... or whatever), go to a shop in your area that does the "hydraulic" installations.

But again... you are going to have more $$$ into the car than what it's worth... and it's going to affect the resale of the car... and you will have to pay again if you have the hydraulics removed.

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