left headlight more expensive then right?

I'd bet that more cars get smacked on the drivers side than on the passenger side. Statistics and Supply & Demand! It's what's for Dinner!
Yes, but you need to change the bracket behind it... Quik LS, I beleive, gave the heads up on that.

Sounds straight forward, other than cost.
Not sure, I think they are just the arc tubes, but minus the projector focusing arangement.

To be honest, I don't know what the big deal is with projector lamps. Am I missing something other than the looks of them?
i just like them because of the crystal blue lighting from an angle. And i also like the focused lighting it creates on the road. And also i like the way the bulbs look in the daytime even when they aren't on. ok so basically i like them more for cosmetic then preformance.
Fair enough... I like the HID lights for the brightness, but I really hate those people with the blue light bulbs that THINK they have HID. I don't think I've really looked at a car that had the projector lamps in them up close... my town is poor, and cool cars are hard to come buy, assuming you don't like the tuner cars with 50 foot wings, and trash can mufflers with pissed off bees in them!!
lmao. anyways not only do i like the cosmetics of the projectors but i also like how they are legal in california... I think. Well it seems that HIDS are illegal unless they are in projectors. Or else the cars couldn't be sold because they are not street legal right?
Mark 8's with HID's didnt have projectors. I got my HID's from a 98, and put them in my stock headlights.... i've never been pulled over, but ill get people flashing me if its wet/ raining out... they think i have my highs on (seems that the people that flash me dont realize they are called high beams because they are aimed high, not just because they are brighter)

Also im pretty sure that the older acura's with HID's (such as the Last gen TL) didnt have projectors on thier HID's
whatsupadrian said:
that would mean checking it against itsself. fordpartsonline.com takes you to parts.com
each reseller has their own pricing.

just look at the difference of a few parts on fpo and fpn. Just on the valve cover gaskets as cheap as they are I seen as much as 2 or 3 dollars difference.

FPO has the same price on both but FPN is much more, 235 RH and 259 LH.
Here is the deal....The lights used include the bulbs and sockets etc but the new number is the housing only. They must have the old number that is the higher price and are selling them out. The new numbers and prices are 2W4Z-13008-BA $280.23 LVC $210.17 and the left one is 2W4Z-13008-CA $291.45 LVC $218.59 as for the new pricing of $11.00 diff could be like kleetus said..supply and demand. Ill sell both for the same $210.17 (each) though..if that would make you happy, I am always trying to please the customers!!
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I was only interested because i am really egar to retrofit some projectors like another member did. But i also don't want to spend $700 doing so.

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