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Oct 27, 2005
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I was hoping someone here might be able to help me try and figure out what in my roof is leaking. Currently if its raining all day at some point in the day the rain will start to seep in and ends up getting the front drivers side corner of the headliner wet, and it will work its way down getting the pillar wet as it goes. I figured it was a leaking windshield, so i got it replaced as it was about time for a new one anyways, but yesterday the same thing happened. From what i can see the drain holes for the sunroof are clear but i may try blowing some compressed air through the holes. The only other think i can think of is if its comming through a lose bolt or something from the roof rack. Anyone have any ideas?
This post is useless since I have no advice to offer but... I've got a similar leaking problem with my LS. It's been going on for years. I assume it's the windshield but reading your post makes me doubt it.

Check out your sun-roof that's gotta be the problem.
take a bucket of water and isolate the spots where the leak might be coming from.

see if you can reproduce it so you can narrow down where it's coming from.
First good news about sun roofs ... they leak LOL ...

Most usual cause are the drains .. there are 4 of them ... you can use a thin stiff wire to try and unclog them just do this carefully.

The problem I found with my sun roof is that the drain would pull inside the pillar and then drain water to the floor inside the car.

The first time (Yes this can happen more than once as there are more than one drain LOL) I replaced the drain tube as the tube had stiffened and cracked.

The second time the I just had to make a new gramit to old the drain out the hole.

But before the windshield seals would leak the sun roof will leak.

You need to locate the leak ... pouring water in the track of the sun roof could help with finding which drain is not draining. I have found that in most cases it's one of the front drains.
So it definately is the sunroof leaking. From what i can tell its the front drivers side drain that seems to be leaking. I resealed the roof rack and its got a brand new windshield, and as soon as i put some tape and kind of sealed off the sunroof the leak stopped. Anyone have any info on how to drop the front of the headliner and get at the drain hoses? Im guessing the hose is cracked or has come off or something.
Had this issue in my Explorer. Look under the headliner and check that the drain hoses are still connected to the corners of the sun/moon roof frame. Easy fix if a hose just needs reconnecting. I put a clamp on mine to make sure it stayed put.
You don't need to get to the drain lines. I tried to stiff wire but the clog was too hard. I got an air hose with a blower attachment that has a rubber tip on it. Open the sunroof and you'll see two of the holes toward the front of the sunroof surround. I blew mine out then ran hot water down them. Working great since then

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