Kensun HID kit for 97 Mark viii?


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Jun 5, 2015
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Santa Cruz
My passenger side low beam burned out. It's the original 9500 HID bulb. Dang it.
High beam still works.

So here I am looking for a conversion kit. I've read reviews of Xentec and Kensun kits. People seem to like Kensun better.
And I think I need a 9006 HID kit for this car. Kensun makes a 9006 single beam kit:
Should I get this thing? If so, will my high beams still work?

If not Kensun or Xentec, is there something better?

Also it appears I need a "relay harness" because the car has auto-magic headlights. Is this correct? Their harness costs $22. Whatever. I just want to make sure I get everything I need.
not xentec. crap bulbs, crap ballast.

kensun is better. buy those.

you should not need a relay harness.
As Chris said, Xentec is pure crapola. I bought a kit for emergency spares 3 or 4 years ago and it was cheap plastic junk. Since the seller sent the slim ballasts instead of the standard ballasts he sent me two of the correct ones, those were junk as well. Flickered, pattern shifting, dim output, very short hid bulb leads ect.. I've never used Kensun but can't say I've heard anything horrible about them.

I personally use the standard ballast VVME and it's by far the best kit I've had to date. Metal ballast, strong output and works with autolamps. Overall great quality for the price. I paid about $45 shipped on ebay.
I've converter four cars using VVME slim ballast, euro spec, 55watt with anti-flicker modules - no problems so far (4 years) with great results. I always stay with 5000K kelvin rating bulbs if at all possible, otherwise, I would choose 4300k-4500k if 5000k bulb if its not available for my lamp application.

Not familiar with Kensun but shy away from Xentec. I had those before replacing them with VVME.

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