Jaguar XJR-6...LS Replacement?


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Aug 22, 2006
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Although I am not very active on the site, I have learned a lot from you guys and really appreciate the help, so thanks!

Here's the deal: I love my 2000 LS8, but realize that its value is depreciating rapidly. It has 107,000 on the clock, with no real problems yet. I absolutely love the car, but recently got a very appealing offer. With all my mods, I am in the car for just under 10k total. When all is said and done, I would profit about 5k if I sold now. I am worried that this is my last chance to get out of the car for any money, so I am really tempted.

As a replacement, I have been looking at the Jaguar XJR-6. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with this car. 322hp and nearly 400 ftlbs sounds really appealing, but I would like some first-hand experiences. Has anyone driven one of these Cats? If so, how does it stack up against the LS? Any experience with reliability?

Any advice on selling the Lincoln or buying the Jag would be appreciated.

Thanks guys
One of my son-in-laws has a 2002 Jaguar, but I'm not sure what model. I do know it has the 4.2 motor with a turbo that supposedly puts out 380 flywheel HP. He is on a Jaguar forum, so I sent him an email to see what he knows and/or can find out.
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Thanks for the links- I have checked out the second already but the first is new to me

Ah...decisions, decisions
XJR8 is my dream car eventually I will build one my self

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