Jaguar rims on ls

OEM jag wheel are easily worth a grand or so... sometimes more, if youre lucky you can sometimes find them for less. but I wouldn't expect to find OEM wheels (not clones) for a whole lot less.
That ad doesn't saying anything about offset. Presumably, they're normal Jag -R wheel widths of 8" in front and 9.5" in the back. It's been done a few times on the LS. Lowering it can complicate things though.

They were listed for over 2 months and they are still available. I'm going to check them out and see. Not sure how to tell if they are straight by looking at them but the curb rash will be obvious.
Thats an excellent price but the fitment is not ideal. The rear offset is 31. They fit the calipers fine, the issue is the stick out really far. I know because I bought a set of these just to see how the looked. Ideally you'd want 4 fronts because the front offset is 49.
Here are some pics of the rears on my old car, but i wish i would have taken the car off the jack so you could really see how far the stick out when the car was on the ground. The specs are 19x9.5 with a 31mm offset.

Sometimes the photo bucket images don't come up so here are these.

oh and here is how they look when you install the fronts (49mm offset) on the front and back. (you'd need 4 fronts for this look)






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