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Aug 15, 2004
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Chandler, Arizona
I have a 2000 LS I bought in June. It had 40k miles on it. It was mechanically sound at the time I purchased it. Since that time, I've had the following problems:

Hydraulic fan fluid leak
Power steering leak / bad pump
Coolant leak
Brake fluid leak
Failure of a clip in the right rear power window mechanism
Failure of driver's door window regulator

Also, the engine will not heat up if it's cold. If it's in the 40s or colder, I could drive it all day long and it would never get above the first mark on the temperature gauge. The heater does not blow hot air. If the temperature is in the 60s or above (even up to 110), it acts okay. When it was really cold, this actually caused my check engine light to come on (at least I think that was the cause - the light went out on its own).

In any event, this is the most troublesome car I've owned since my wife's old '88 LeBaron. It is still a great car to drive, though, when it works.

I know none of these problems are terribly serious, but if I wanted to drive a car that needs periodic (frequent) wrenching, I already have one of those. Last thing I need is a $300/month project car.

I am going to try to replace this with a used Chrysler 300 if I can find one. Maybe wait until used fleet Touring models hit the dealerships in spring.
temperature thing could be a thermostat opening up too early. I know you don't want to put more work into it, but it's a cheap part and an easy fix (well, I dunno how easy in an LS, but other cars I've had it is.)

The 2000 LS was a first year model so it had it's fair share of problems. I've got a 2001 LS and have had only two items that have bugged me. One was the hard starting and the other was hot air blowing from the passenger vent. Both were fixed under warranty and it's been great ever since. The rear window regulators were a known issue and I had both of mine replaced under the TSB. As for fluid leaks, that is uncalled for. If I had my druthers I would not buy a 2000 LS. The best years it seems are the 2001 and 2002 model years. The 2003 had significant changes and had it's fair share of problems too. I haven't heard much about the 2004 and 2005 LS's. Maybe the reliability curve is going up.
I'm a little drunk, so forgive typing errors, but the heating prob is a thermostat, and on MOST cars, it isn't too hard to change, as far as coolant leak is concerned, get a pressure tester, once you apply pressure to the system,(abou 10 to 15 lbs.) the leak will be obvious.Again, might be an easy fix (loose hose, ect.).Brake leaks are also typicaly pretty easy to fix. It's most often something like a line to the calipers or a wheel cylinder(if you have drums).The car isn't old enough to have rusted out lines, which is the real hassle with brake leaks.As far as window problems go, welcome to your Lincoln.Don't give up. Most problems aren't as complicated as they seem.As a former Chrysler person, I can tell you, you're not going to get rid of the problems by switching brands.My mother in law has a 300m, and I can send you a list of things I've had to fix if you really want a headache.
GrayGhost1 said:
The 2000 LS was a first year model so it had it's fair share of problems.

Is this an auto-reply? :)

This is my second weekend of not working on my LS. Things might be looking up for me!!!
Are you sure there wasn't a front end collision at some point on your car? The 1st 4 items are consistent w/ a repaired front end. My '00 has been relatively trouble free. 1st time I've had it in the shop was to fix a loose license plate lamp and re-flash the trans (had the trans fluid changed while we were at it). One other time it's been in the shop to replace the squeeking front window regulators. I still need to have the driver's seat heater fixed. But that's it.
I don't know whether it was in an accident or not. Other people have suggested that to me. Carfax said it was okay and I don't notice anything unusual about the way it fits together. The trunk it tough to close, though. You really have to slam it. Also the license plate lights are loose. The front seems okay, but I haven't looked under it. Maybe I should...

I'm cooling off a little. It has been sitting in my garage with the door dismantled. I think I'll just take it to a shop so I don't get even angrier with it. When I bought it, I reminded myself of my rule that whenever you buy a used car, you have to put $1,000 into it to fix unexpected problems. Still makes me mad.

Fortunatly, my Lincoln runs great (when it works). I do not have any of the odd-shifting transmission problems, and neither the engine nor the tranny leak. I don't want to have to sell it, but if I decide to, I think I'll get a Chrysler 300. I've owned nothing but Fords for a long time, and I'm ready to get out of their parts bin. Sure, the Chrysler parts bin isn't perfect, but at least it's a different set of problems.

I'm driving my old Chrysler instead for now. At least it's the right time of year for it - it was almost 80 today.
lsbit said:
Is this an auto-reply? :)

This is my second weekend of not working on my LS. Things might be looking up for me!!!

It should be! :Beer

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