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Jun 16, 2013
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I recently had to have all my brake lines replaced .. 2 months later, the Tranny cooling lines needed replacement. They use a brine solution on the roads here in Ma. and I can't help but think that's the problem . Now, I have a AC refrigerant leak. It is leaking out of the can from the condenser HP side line near the right front of the car. I've looked at the master repair manual and it doesn't show or say what it is. Definitely not the Dryer on the low P side near the back. What is this called ? I wanted to look it up at Rockauto to see the cost so I can estimate how much this new problem might sat me back because here in my area they usually treble the retail cost. Why is it that when I have a problem with this great car that it either requires hundreds of dollars of special equipment or a lift ! lol
I found a used one on eBay and it's the secondary drier ... the used one looks as bad as mine so I'l pass on that. Is there a bypass workaround or other way to repair this ? These cars kinda need ac in the summer ! Or, if anyone has an old one lying around, I'll buy it from you.
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Thanks ! The little dryer attached to the condenser discharge line ( #3) near the compressor is what is leaking. I've checked pretty much everywhere but that part just doesn't exist and the lines are part of the dryer I'll check with some AC mechanics to see if there is a ay to attach a new line without the dryer. Thanks again for the chart.
Found it finally .. At Advance of all places. The descriptions I got from Ford and the confusing diagrams got me off base. The Ford Parts site said it went from the condenser to the Compressor and that was just wrong. Thanks to all who offered help. PeterK. ps: a 50 dollar part that the shop will triple .. as well as a new separator / drier .. plus 120.00 per hour . Why is it always something that needs specialty tools and equipment ?


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