is this a feature inthe ls:

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Sep 17, 2004
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i was stuck in a traffic jam in I90 thruway upstate ny for around 45 minutes .. i started searching AM radio for traffic report but found none after 15 minutes i gave up.. i put my cd player back on and around 20 minutes later FM came on all by itself and gave the traffic report on one of syracuse local station. i though my cd had skip and went straight to FM by itself but i remeber leaving tuner on AM.. didn't think about it the first time much but it happen again 10 minutes later going right to a traffic report again this time on a different station in syracuse.. is my car haunted or is this a feature i didnt know about..
Only gotcha according to the manual is that there aren't a lot of stations in the US that use the RDS or whatever it is called.

I'll have to try it out here tho.

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Jim Henderson
you have to wait for the station to do a traffic report like in the commercials, the feature lets you know what staions will report traffic and weather
And I love how it displays radio station, song title, artist.
It's cool.

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