Installing Navigation and THX SPEAKERS

Mario Magnito

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Oct 18, 2013
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wussup y’all! So I got a 2004 LSE V8 without the navigation and THX SPEAKERS, Do you guys know if I were to buy a used navigation stereo along with the THX front and rear door speakers will I need extra components or is it just plug right in?
Things you need at a minimum to add factory navigation are:
Nav head unit
Nav DVD drive unit (goes in trunk - rear deck) - this is the brains, nothing will work without it.
Map DVD (newest one is probably 15 years old)
Sub-woofer amp (goes in trunk - rear deck) and two subwoofers (rear deck)
Four channel amp (goes in trunk - left side)
Multiple wiring harnesses
GPS antenna

If you want voice control (factory systems have this) add:
Auto dimming mirror with factory microphone (used only on nav equipped cars)

If you want the steering wheel buttons to be labeled and work correctly add:
nav option steering wheel button assembly

If you want the full THX sound add:
THX door speakers (4)

Way less effort to go aftermarket and then you can get Bluetooth phone integration and you could get maps that aren't 15 years out of date.
Thank you for the info! I kinda wanted to go original system. I’m willing to get all things I need. So my rear 2 6x9’s has the original amp, So would I just need to get 4 channel amp and DVD drive? And to go full THX is just the door speakers? We’re the 6x9’s THX as well?…

I need to find multiple wiring harness and GPS antenna.

Man, but I feel you on the getting after market and going to easy route. What aftermarket stereo would you recommend
Yes, you can keep your subs and sub amp. You've been warned, the rewiring is major.
Rewiring? You talking about if I get the THX door speakers and the amp and DVD?
It's all or nothing.
For example, your speaker wiring now runs from the doors to the back of the headunit. The nav unit has no amplifier in the head unit. One of the many needed wiring harnesses run shielded wire back from the headunit to the 4-channel amp in the trunk, and then some of the other wiring harnesses run speaker wiring from the amp in the trunk to each door. Other special cables run video from the brain (DVD) in the trunk to the headuint. The headunit has no display at all without that, not even for radio stations.
Sheesh! Ok, let’s say I buy all components Nav,DVD player, 4 channel amp and thx door speakers. Will I be able to Goto the Ford dealer and have them install everything?
Will they have all the wiring harnesses? Because I don’t know where to even look and wouldn’t know if I’m buying the right harnesses..

Man, thank you for ur patience and info. I’m just getting to know the beloved LSE..
Ok one more question, what if I just want the full THX sound? Can I buy an aftermarket stereo and use the 4 THX door speakers?

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