Improperly installed exhaust gasket

Erwin jarvis

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Dec 10, 2021
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Augusta Ga
I just changed the head gaskets on my 98 mark viii, when i started it up it smoked like hell , out the back and from undrr the hood, and its pulling air i think .and pressure built up in the coolant quickly, im pretty sure ive installed the exhaust manifold gaskets backward or upside damn down or something. Would that cause all tge pressure in the coolant thier is no thermosstat installed. Or have i put the damn head gaskets on wrong also?
and pressure built up in the coolant quickl

Or have i put the damn head gaskets on wrong also

Why did you replace the head gaskets in the first place?

The 2 symptoms mentioned tell me that combustion gasses from the cylinders are getting into the cooling system.
More info is needed... to try and back track to why/when this happened.
Yeah... you probably should have... but if it overheated severely... you may want to check for a cracked block before attempting another repair.

Could be internal and not visable. Only option then is used replacement block... or engine.

Compression test on all cylinders might tell you something.... but you need to find the engine specs to be sure.

Most engines run 120-140 psi
Can anyone tell me where i can buy a rebuilt 4.6 4v without breaking the bank? Ive gotta get back mobile asap or im gonna be evicted , it took me two weeks replacing the head gaskets, and probly two years off my span.
Go to and do a search by zip code... for the year, make, and model for salvage yards in your area. Type in what you are looking for and something should pop up
Well... the search results didn't pop up in the link above... so here's a screen shot.


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