Idiot dealer does not like that I told him it is not an LSC


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Jul 1, 2006
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They had it listed as an LSC.

I sent him the following message:

The previous person is right, not an LSC. LSC has HID headlights, perforated leather seats, chrome trim delete, dual exhaust and 3.27 rear gears instead of 3.07's. It is a nice car, but it is a base car.

Mr. Professional responded with this garbage:

"And you don't think we know this already? We are Ford connoisseur's and we have experience in this market (i.e. Fox box mustangs and SN95's) For your information, LSC is there for SEO purposes only. Why don't you google that so you'll know why this and Ebay play a role in our auctions. Please go bother someone else, dumb****..."

They changed the listing after the fact because the 'Ford connisseurs' were too damn stupid to know a base car from an LSC.

I tracked him down, he is a small auto garage with a few cars for sale and playing it like he is a big time dealer. I almost died laughing when I saw his picture.
Also - he proudly proclaims there are no dents on the car, but I can tell just from the pictures(even on an iPad), that there are in fact dents on the car. Which, isn't necessarily terrible, mine has a couple dents of its own, but I wouldn't state that it had none, especially if I were attempting to sell the car honestly. I'm actually very surprised nobody mentioned that in the comments. That, or the fact that the release button for the center console is just completely not there. I noticed that too. What an a-hole. I wouldn't trade him even, let's just say that.
Drivers door has pretty good dent in it, passenger trailing edge of door dented, drivers external door handle is on life support. There is enough plastic dressing on the engine and tires to cause an oil slick. Leading edge of hood also shows some weirdness.

Obviously nit picking, but he states that it is dent free in answering a question. Also the images are posted as high res and you can get to big versions of them and see the issues. I am jealous of that trim around the rear window. Not a low mile $5000 dollar car if you ask me.
ALL Marks VIIIs are LSCs. The extra LSC package it does not have. I *think* the title on my base 96 even said LSC.
All of the titles say LSC from 1993 on. His old title had that it was an LSC, he edited it to what it is now.

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