I need help decoding my 1979 Lincoln Mark V Vin. #



I have searched the internet high and low looking for a breakdown of my vin. I bought it from someone who had no idea what car they had. I am in process of restoring so I want to know what the original paint color, model, interior color, ect. According to the door plate this is the Vin# J9Y89S6445367. The only part I could find answers on was 9Y=Year=1979 89=BodySerialCode=Mark V S=Engine=400ci(M-Block). If any one can compare number to their 79 Lincoln or has more info on this subject please let me know.

P.S. The other door plate info is as follows-
Body - 65D
Int. Trim - DS
A/C - A
R - W
AX - 2
TR - UDJ77

As you can see I have all the info but. I have no way of translating the codes to what they mean, Again I would like to have each of these and the Vin Translated. Please and thank you.
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I have been lookin too but all i found is the same as you.@ vinwiz.com your vin looks like mine. My car is a 79 Bill Blass Mark V
Just found site that tells you everything about your car. automotive mile posts restoration data and history classic cars / I found all the codes for my 1979 Mark V

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