I have a 2003 Black on Black Lincoln LS 3.9 Premium Sports Package. Originally $48,995 2003$s.


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Jul 28, 2022
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South Carolina
I found the car in a wooden garage not running and in somewhat sad shape. Purchased it for $800.00 hauled it home and spent 9 months restoring it to not quite running condition. Interior is perfect, body good, no dents dings. Some touch up paint on the aluminum panels. I had to go through and replace all cooling system stem to stern. Now I have a major issue at dealership. The instrument cluster is bad. I've tried an instrument cluster ending in BB, that didn't work, now I've given them a cluster ending in BJ. haven't heard from that one. If this one doesn't work I'm going to replace the PCM, key cylinder, key, instrument cluster, and driver door module out of an 2005 LS. The motor shouldn't know what it is, so that seems to be my only option. If any body has any ideas I'M all ears! I will not sell this car, it's way to nice to sell.

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