I Hate Raccoons !!!

I had bought the oem init from Tasca for hundred or so. Tested it before i installation and found the motor squealed and saw thw amps went over one to one & quarter then evened out around high 0.6. Ran it for a few hours with a case temp too hot to hold for more than a couple seconds. Suspected near dry bearings/ bushings. I had posted a lubricated motor work where the amps were under 0.4 and much lower case temp. The bottom cap can be removed accessing the bearing/bushing for a molybdenum disullfide grease or my favorite Nanolub grease.
Hi Sport, I found a front splash shield (the big one) on a '04 V8 at Harry's of Hazelton Friday. They are hard to find intact, seems almost all LS's have hit a coon or gator (or cat or dog), they ALL have hit a curb or parking block and that shield always suffers. If you need it, it's yours for $5.00 (Harry's price) and shipping. If not I'm keeping it as a spare.
Just went through this months ago, we spoke about how you were able to remove the radiator through the top without disconnecting the A/C lines:) (not physically possible on the 05 3.9 at least)

Carquest from autozone works/fits great with no issue still. Also used Gates DCCV & OEM Aux pump off eBay. Ford radiator was on backorder for months at the time..
Yeah... I'll try to document (pics) how I got the radiator out the top.

I remember having the DCCV and aux pump out... and having the radiator up on one side... and angled back at the same time.

I remember the car being jacked up pretty high too.

Never figured on having to do the radiator again. (shrug).

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