I desperately need help with this


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Aug 15, 2005
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I desperately need help with this. I have been doing research for three months trying to find a way to add an AUX input to my factory headend unit and there doesn’t seem to be anything out there that will work with my LS. I have a 2002 with the factory Audiophile in-dash 6-disk CD changer. This is the option that has the aux amp and two subs on the rear deck. The unit that says Alpine 6-Disk changer on the CD door. I have investigated all of the hardware made by PAC and P.E.I. as well as several others and all of the ones made to fit the ‘02 Lincoln LS specifically say “NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FACTORY UNITS WITH THE IN-DASH CD CHANGER”. If you have the remote glove compartment changer or no changer you’re ok. And I don’t need the unit that allows you to access playlist from the preset controls, just a typical aux input for XM, Serius or an iPod.

Is there anyone out there that has the exact same factory unit that has found a successful way to do thus? If so please tell me the exact hardware part numbers, etc. In this day and age I can’t imagine an optional factory system that wouldn’t already include this option but that neither here nor there. Thanks in advance for your help.

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