How to install 2005 Lincoln LS belt...


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Mar 3, 2017
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What is the step by step procedure for installing a serpentine belt on my 2005 Lincoln LSE v8s Sport?

My original post about the charging system has been diagnosed by popping the hood and seeing that the drive belt has fallen off. (The one the mechanic installed was the wrong size)

I bought the right one and have a ratchet set with a torque wrench.

Accessory Drive Belt

Accessory Drive

You can attempt it from the top but it's a very tight fit past the fan shroud.

From underneath provides a lot more room but will still require you to get in there and rotate the belt off the idler, pulleys and tensioner. Pretty basic stuff, just route it around and use use a 3/8" breaker bar and leverage the tensioner toward the passenger side to give it the room it needs the complete the last wrap around.


note: Changed out accessory drive belt system parts

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Would you recommend attempting it from the top? I want to minimize the amount of parts to remove before attempting to install the new belt. Water pump was changed last week and I don't want to have to remove the shroud and which means id have to drain the cooling system etc.
I did mine from the top a few weeks ago - I had to remove the driver's side coolant hose from the thermostat to get it all done. Never thought of trying it from the bottom.
On the two occasions that I changed out the belts on both my 01 and 04, I was in replacing the tensioner and idler pulley so it needed to be done from the top anyhow. Shroud didn't need to be removed although it was a tight fit in some spots.
Okay, I had to replace the belt, idler and tensioner as well, so now I don't feel so bad that I didn't try it from the bottom.
Kinda silly really ... like holding your bread upside down while smearing the peanut butter on.

Hindsight, shop techs have hoists and if it was just a single belt going on, it may very well be easiest from below, not sure. Seems like a tall reach if you'd have to do it laying down on your back. Perhaps while on a hoist standing directly underneath the reach may not be as bad.

I did two belts on my lifted Chevyrado at my buddy's shop after hours and I was on a milk crate from above nearly falling in. <shrugs>
When I did my cooling system rebuild a few years back. I pulled the belt from the bottom. The bear is that the belt is captured between the tensioner and timing cover. It took a bit,,, but i was able to rock the tensioner back and forth... and slip the belt past the tensioner. Same putting it back on.

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