How to blank off EGR?


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Oct 2, 2006
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Having priced up exhaust systems online ($500 shipping!) I've decided I ned to have one made up here.

Went for a quote yesterday to have one built in stainless. They seemed to have no idea how to do it and quoted £1000. That's like $2000!

So-o, there's another place I can go that build them in mild steel, going for a quote there at the weekend.

Now, due to the age of the car, UK law says I don't have to have cats. So I thought as there's 4 of them I may as well take this opportunity to have a system built from the headers back without cats. They can't go wrong if I've scrapped them eh?

Also, I thought it might be prudent not to re-fit the pipe that links the two front pipes and then goes up to the EGR. Reasons again are: Our annual test tests for emission particles that are not affected by the EGR, so I don't need it for that reason. Also, it too can't go wrong if it's on the scrap heap.

Now, do I just cut the steel pipe and plug it? or do I need to remove and blank off the EGR somehow?

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