how many miled do you have??????repairs????


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Jul 12, 2009
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i just wanna get an idea of how many miles these cars can handle. ill start it off i have a 2000 lincoln continental with 82k


tension pully + belt
I had my 97 til around 120k. I replaced a control arm on the drivers side, plugs vcg's and wires, cooling fan. Repairs that needed to be done: antilock brakes would pulsate even when car was not sliding, power steering was acting up. Then it started rusting along the bottom running boards on the drivers and pass. side. Which is why I ended up trading it in.
I also have a 2000 Conti and I just hit 91k. My fuel pump died about 2 or 300 miles ago.
Still need to replace:
Sway bar links
Front Struts
Rack & Pinion

Already replaced:
Transmission (Torque Converter died)
97 Conti 190k + Miles


Converted Rear Airbags
Tension Pully
Sway Bar Links
and basic maintenance

Most stuff crapped out in in last 1-2yrs

What did the car act like when your fuel pump died?
Well I was at a stoplight and the RPMs started goin crazy and droppin, which is what it used to do when the fuel filter went bad. So i threw it in neutral and kept on the gas to keep it alive. Light turned green, put it in drive, and died about 40 feet later.

So you'll feel it stall...then it won't start anymore.
However, looking back on the few days before it, the car was a little funny on start-up
And maybe this will help a little more.
I stopped in to my mechanic today and got a quick look-over and quote. 92k miles.
Front struts (2)
Power rack & pinion
Lower Ball joints
Front sway bar link kits (2)

Totaling out to $2565.77
I've replaced everything mentioned. I'm not kidding either. My car must have been a lemon. It looks great though.
I got 120k

Parts so far.
Rotors and pads
Fixed me lower heating element in my seat twice.
Rear swaybar bushngs
had 1 plug blow out.

Just replaced the transmission and serviced my rear air ride. Rides like a dream now.

Has a few bad trim pieces on the inside though...:mad:
I haven't had a Continental for almost 4 years but................

When I had my 98, it had 118K on it, In 14 months I put 33K on it. I sold it With 151K.

Biggest Issues was just the Front Wheel bearing Hub. $55 + a spring compressor @ Advanced Auto parts so I could change it. I did that immediately after I got it.
--Rear Stabilizer Bar Bushings ( Also replaced immediately when I got it.
--After that it was Smooth Sailing with normal maintenance like Oil, Tranny Fluid Change, brakes, Spark Plugs, New Tires, Battery.

It was really good to me, sometimes I wished I had kept it a bit longer. If it was that good for the 33k I put on it, I couldn't see why it could've done another 30k without problem.
I have a 95 with about 160. One of the reasons I bought it was that I saw one with over 360,000 miles on it. It was in rough shape inside but that Intech just purred. Ended up buying mine at 120. Unfortunately I am moving on as I bought a 98 Town Car last week. Its a real beauty but already having some major separation anxiety for the Conti. The TC is nice but there's just nothing like those Lincoln Continentals. Still have my Conti, but the insurance and repairs would probably be too much to warrant keeping it. Anyway repair wise right now it needs two front ride control units (Eddie at North American Suspension probably $500 plus labor). Also my ABS light and traction control keeps coming on. The Ford dealer couldn't find the problem but assuming another $500 or so to repair. Probably an ABS sensor. And two shops got tranny codes although the car drives fine. So not sure if that's serious or not. As for major repairs over the 3 years I have had the car.... did a lot of detailing, rust and painting, new gas tank, new wiper motor, brakes, fuel lines, probably other repairs that I cant recall. As you can probably tell I am really having trouble parting with this amazing car, but no kidding they can sure cost you some. Personally I dont see why these engines cant go up to 500 maybe even more if taken care of. But as for the other parts, that's another story, as the other posts reflect. Sort of like a starship engine and controls with some bicycle parts in the oddest places.
my 92 continental has 135k

Valve Job
both motor mounts
front left air bag
2 air compressor
removed catalytic converts after one exploded and stopped up the exhaust
ignition control module
ignition coil
inner tie rods

and i'm still having an ignition problem when she gets hot after I drive her, she don't like to start until she cools down a little
I picked up my 2002 for $2500 over 3 and a half years ago. It had 193K on it. I had to do some break work. Really bad vibration. A new Rack And Pinion on the front end. Most recently I needed a new O2 sensor. Other than that, tires breaks washer fluid and wipers. Just turned 250K and had a good NJ sticker for 2 more years. I have the oil changed regularly (3-4K) most of the time at a Jiffy Lube with Synthetic. Just had the radiator flushed. I have never changed the tranny fluid.

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