How do you feel about Biden NOW?

This data is tracked, California has one of the lowest rates of gun violence per capita.

That's because Cali has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. The "hoops" people have to jump through to legally and posess firearms (and ammunition), are ridiculous.
I have another story for ya DUDE.

A number of years back when my son was in high school... A group of students went to NYC for a field trip. I was asked to be a chaparone.

During the trip... the kids were allowed to break off and "do their own thing".

My son and I did that... and on our way back to the next rendezvous point... we were walking through Times Square (in broad daylight).

My son was a couple steps behind me... as we walked past a closed down department store.

I heard a noise, and noticed my son was no longer in my periphial vision. I spun around to find that 4 guys had ahold of my son... almost picked up off the ground. Yup... 4 against 1.

I didn't care if they had a gun or not... but by the look on my face (and body stance) they knew that they screwed up.

They let my son go... and as he walked up next to me... I turned around and we kept walking.

This country doesn't have a gun problem... it has a "people" problem!!!

Just like the gun meme above says... "our society has decayed"!
I also blame (un)social media for a lot of the problems with our society. The Uvalde kid was messed up.

Not the best upbringing... picked on in school... split parents... and with an identity crisis.

Easy prey for certain individuals to twist his mind. All of social media could go away tomorrow... and I would never miss it. All it does is feed the predators!!!
One more for ya DUDE.

This poor girl was literally begging for her life after being raped.

IIRC... the guy killed her while she was saying... "Please... I just want to live!"

At least according to the news reports.

I also believe in castration... chemical or otherwise.

Sadly... there was a time in my life where a number of platonic female friends confided in me that they were raped/molested. At one point that number hit almost 85%.
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That's because Cali has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. The "hoops" people have to jump through to legally and posess firearms (and ammunition), are ridiculous.

Seems like you're now arguing that strict gun laws work in lowering gun crime...
Well if you read some of the horrfic stories I shared... it didn't help those people.

Making it unresonably difficult for law abiding citizens to exercise their 2A rights is not going to fix the problem. IMO... it's just a "money grab". Cali is punishing the wrong people... and making gun ownership restrictive to law abiding citizens. ("throwing the baby out with the bathwater") so to speak.

My sister and brother in law live in South Cali... not too far from the southern border. For whatever reason (in their 70's) they felt the need for "home security". They were having trouble (due to Prop 63) finding ammunition locally.

I found a place that shipped to Cali... and had contacts in Cali to ship to. The process took over a month... and of course... they went through another (pointless) background check.

Part of this is due to the "red (high crime) zones" in Cali... where ammunition can't be shipped to.

Have you ever purchased a firearm within the last 10 years.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System. (NICS) does work for weeding out criminals.

Download Form 4473 and look at it closely. The questions are not random. People may try to lie on the form... but they won't get away with it. When the gun store owner calls the FBI for a background check... the FBI pulls up that person's information... and if the person falsified anything on the form... they just comitted another crime... and will have big trouble coming their way. Everything is electronic now. Form 4473 covers all 50 States.

Typically (unless the FBI is dealing with a heavy call load)... the process only takes about 2 minutes.

The stupid thing with Cali... is that they require the same proceedure for ammo purchases. That... is the unnesscessary "money grab". that costs citizens more $$$.

In a way... it's "taxation without representation"... or "pay to play" would be another way to put it.
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Talked to my sis in Cali today. She and my brother in law got Covid last week. They were pretty sick. Both of them were double vaxed and boosted. (just like "Brandon")

The whole vaccine thing is a hoax. I suspect (have suspected for a while now) that the main purpose of the vaccine... is for population control... because "the powers that be" are worried about the global population outpacing our food supply.

So if the vax causes sterility in men and/or women... or causes major birth defects (requiring and abortion), then a large portion of the current youth in this country (and across the globe) will pay the price.

China has been playing this game for years... and now realizes they are a dying country.

So now they are letting couples have 3 kids... instead of the previous government mandated 1 kid per family.

It will take years/decades for China to find their population balance.

Fauci, the CDC, and the elite... need to be strung up by their toes!!!
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So now we have a progressive liberal democrat from Cali... trying to hold gun manufacturers responsible for gun violence.

He talks about other industries having safety standards. One that he mentions... is the auto industry.

Really??? I'm sure that the guns (an inanimate object) are perfectly safe. It's the demented idiots out there... that are the problem.

Same with automobiles.

If a person goes out and gets drunk... and kills somebody while driving drunk....... is it the car's fault???????

This is the backwards thinking (and faulty logic) that people like Congressman Adam Schiff (California)conjure up in their heads.

My phone won't allow me to copy and paste from email... but I have a friend working on transposing it. Hopefully this will work.
I have other emails from Shiff. In one of them Shiff was complaining that Trump was saying mean things about him.

Get over it. This isn't grade school... this is politics. Grow a skin.

Starting October first... anyone who buys a firearm... if they get denied or delayed... their information is to be sent by the gunshop owner... to the FBI for further investigation as to why the individual was denied or delayed.

This could be for something as simple as a common name (such as Tom Smith or Jim Jones)... but could also be for something more serious/different.

Typically when a person is delayed... if the gun store owner doesn't hear back from the FBI in 5 days... the purchaser/tranferee is allowed to pick up the firearm.

That will not be the case (standard procedure) anymore.

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