How did you paint your Terminator bumper?

Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Oct 4, 2010
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    Hi guys! I'm just looking to get an idea on who to buy paint from to achieve the closest match to my color for my Terminator bumper.

    1. Did you paint the bumper yourself or did a body shop provide coverage?
    2. If you painted; What vendor paint did you use(Automotive Touch-Up, Paint Scratch etc.)?
    3. If body shop; Did you provide them the paint or did they use their own mixture?

    I've had the bumper for about 3 weeks now and am just about ready to have it painted and installed. For now, I'm interested to install it on the Salvaged Mark VIII despite the trunk issue it has, so my biggest concern is in matching the Toreador Red for Lincoln(JB) as I realize there is another Toreador Red for Mercury/Ford(FL) that is a bit darker than the JB.

    You can see the difference from JB to FL in the door handle from the rest of the body in the following pic.

    The nearby Ford dealership has a body shop and quoted $350 to paint the bumper using their mixture or for $300 if I give them the paint.

    Automotive Touch-Up has a Ready To Spray pint(16oz) for $50+shipping and they've been spot on with the colors for my K4, BA, & WF Marks. So, I'm torn between either buying the paint myself or taking a leap of faith with FORD's mixture since they'd more than likely have the original recipe for JB on hand.

    My other concern is in how fresh will the bumper look over the rest of the car. This Mark seems to have been a garage queen and the paint seems to show it(except for the DS door handle) as it glimmers in Day or Night like a red diamond, but I assume the bumper will come out a touch brighter since it's fresh paint and would almost rather repaint the whole Mark to avoid different hues.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Spanks!

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