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Apr 17, 2004
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I want to install a HID kit. I 've seen the MCCULLAH kits on ebay for around $300 I think there 4100k .Does anyone have a hid or xenon kit on there car ?If so how do you like them ?how much did you pay ?what's the light output ?how was the install process & do you have pics! thanx

2000 ls6 5spd :steering
MadMax said:

I want to try this JDM HID SYSTEM 8000K on my 2001 V8
I'll post a comment when I get it.
BTW, what are the replacement bulbs in the fog lights? I can't find the model anywhere

You can get the Fog Light replacement bulbs at www.hoen-usa.com. The fog bulb is 9145 or H10 on HOEN's website. They have the Xenon match bulbs for the HID's.

Also, be careful running those hot HID aftermarket kits in your pre-2003 Lincoln LS headlights. Those lights weren't designed for that much heat like the 2003 LS headlights.
can I replace the headlights with the 2003 model? Would they fit?
MadMax said:
can I replace the headlights with the 2003 model? Would they fit?

The 2003 headlights will not fit a 2000-2002 LS. However, I'm working on this mod now. The mounting points on the earlier LS's are different so I have to come up with an alternate mounting system. Also, the 2003 headlights are "bulkier". If that's a word.

Modifying the 2003 headlights are doable but I don't know at this point how much is involved.

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