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May 25, 2004
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Hi All

Just to keep all advised. Here is the new info from ford on the HID bulbs. Looks like it might have a new ballast as well. Part numbers and pricing still unknown....sorry.
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Does this mean that they are basically retrofitting a new bulb for the application? Maybe something more standardized?

And since it's from Ford, do you think that we are looking at a $900 replacement for the pair?
Thanks for the update Max.;) ;)
I do have extra ballasts but no bulbs. Are they coming together or seperate. I want to install these on my 94 I have extra Housings too!!:D
excellant questions .................no answers yet...........sorry
you now have all the info I have..sorry
No further info huh? I've decided that if mine go I'm buyin a couple high power flashlights and some Duct Tape:rolleyes:
See, this is why I like dealing with Max. He'll tell you straight out what he's dealing with and won't beat around the bush! Always a pleasure working with him! Keep up the good work! :D
Have to agree with that Dave... Maxx is alway good to use here at LvC...

Honnest and also a great guy to talk to... Can't wait to meet up with him some day...

You know Dave... Maxx is almost on the route of our Motorcycle trip... LOL...
Thank you for the kind words.
Ill be at the replica car show At Knottsberry farm with all the cobra and ford racing people on the 27-28 next week. Anyone in the LA area should stop by and say Hey.
I guess that also means I will not be here thurs-sat to take your orders. Please hold them til monday or even call before then!!

Have a great weekend
At least Ford is doin' SOMETHING! Thanks for the info, Max.
I'm actually a little encouraged by this news. The fact that we need to change those ridiculous proprietary ballasts might mean that we might have a finally have a factory upgrade that uses bulbs that can be purchased...

But, Ford has disappointed me before.
I referenced this thread to Mark VIII.org, days later a member posted that he had finished testing these replacement units.

You can take this with a grain of salt, or as legit. He had no photos, but that may be from an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). The units have been returned to Ford.

He claims they are completely new housings that use standard halogen bulbs.

This is good news or bad new, depending on how you look at it. New housings mean the cost will be high, probably in the ball park of $600 or more. Since they use standard halogen bulbs, options for after-market kits, cheap ones, haven become endless. The sky will be the limit for HID conversions! Also, if these were new housings WITH HIDs, think of the cost of this kit, it would surly be a lot more.

Worst case, you have to shell out some cash. For NEW updated housings made from better plastics that should be made right - not yellowing/fading.

Best case, Ford starts a silent recall exchange program where one can bring in the vehicle for minimal labor charges to have the old housing removed and new installed. But that probably wont happen unless the DOT is on their butts about this.
Are you saying that Ford is trying to convert our HIDs to Halogen again? If that's the case, why is there a new ballast?

It would make more sense if they'd just re-engineer a bulb to fit, like a regular DS2 with the proper adapter, but- Ford has a habit of disappointing me.
There is no mention of a new ballast, just that the ballast will be obsolete. There is no way to make ANY bulb fit right without the bulb being re-based. A re-based bulb may be available now, but in 10 years, same boat because someone wont make any money off of re-basing the bulb we need? A new housing solves all of that.

Then again, who knows. If this person is telling the truth it still may be subject to final release. For all we know, several kits/conversions were being tested and the halogen was just one. Just a theory!
is nhtsa aware of the flaking chrome?

yellowing is pretty much a maintenance concern (ive never had trouble with yellowing on any of my plastic light cars. if i notice it i wax them and they clear right up) buit the flaking chrome is a true defect.
well my HID's are shining bright on the drivers side, but the passengers side is starting to go orange..then eventually to the nice HID color of the drivers. I am thinking that the new bulb will have to be on the way. If I have to buy new housings, ballasts, and bulbs, so be it. But after that, there will be a 98 LSC for sale. Should be able to get a much better price for it when the new lights are in. Keep us informed Maxx...and thanks.
I have HID's on my mark (a 1996), and I don't like the idea of goin back to haolgen. Are they even looking at the Gen 1 issues here? is this only for Gen 2?
LOL Tractionless!!!! Love the new avatar. :) They FINALLY deleted my postings when I change that file on the remote server. To days that was up in every post with my sig for all to see :) If I had gotten a response, or e-mail about why I was suspended, I would not have done it - but every action deserves the same reaction....
They are all the same, exception being plugs n the ends, or lack of (97). So they are all interchangeable with a bit of wiring when needed.
05/03/07 6:45am

the new part number is out ( part number...not the part it self)
7R9Z- 13008-A
Oh NO pricing yet maybe next week????
An additional screen says...."one time replacement for HID lamps" ????

I will order 10 and see what happens....


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