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    Dec 29, 2016
    I've been lurking and reading for quite some time, but finally made an account to ask about rebuilding a 1st Gen LS differential.

    I'm not actually the proud owner of an LS, though I really do like the cars. I have a 2006 Jaguar XJ that I'm trying to make suck a lot less by removing the "single tire fire" feature. If, while I'm at it, I can get the 3.31 gears in (by convincing a bothersome computer nanny that the new speeds it sees are okay) that would be a huge improvement over the 2.87 that is in it now. I think I have the computer stuff under control, but I need help sourcing parts for rebuilding the $125 Junkyard 2001 (or so) differential, pumpkin, axle carrier, and any other names it goes by.

    Ford/Jag should be ashamed of themselves to put an open dif and 2.87s in such a great car. I hope to rectify that and make it the car it should have been from the factory.

    All help would be appreciated!


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