Help Needed After STR Brake Swap

Lincoln LS

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    Aug 10, 2010
    Ok so here’s the scenario. I installed my 06 Jaguar S-Type R front and rear brakes plus some Bilstine B4s with H&R lowering springs on my 06 Lincoln LS almost two weeks ago. From the gate I had a few hiccups which I’ll touch on for context.

    I missed in the very few write ups on this swap that you have to grind down a little material on the mounting bracket up front. I installed everything and it was all not moving and bound up. No biggie. A little grinding and I was back in business.

    No on to bleeding. Like a dummy I didn’t document what calipers went with what bracket (which is marked for L or R) when I took apart for smoothing and paint. So I finally found and article and thought I had the right parts matched. Well I didn’t and the bleeders were on bottom. Dumb move #2. Well didn’t want to take the caliper apart and ruin the paint, so I found away around that. Successfully bled the system and all seemed good.

    At first The parking brake wouldn’t disengage and had the service parking brake message. I disconnected the battery which reset the parking brake and the car walked me through “recalibration.” Ok in business right? Seemed to work for a week.

    No CELs no advancetrac warning or message, and no parking brake messages. But the weird part is when I drove it and hit a dip or bump it would feel like the rear brakes would engage. Like the car was being tugged slightly. It’s super brief and the bigger the dip or bump the more noticeable. Wasn’t sure if it was a parking brake issue or more likely a traction control issue or what. However no traction control light. No codes.

    Yesterday I pulled the wheels off jacked it up to inspect everything. It all looked good (aside from some rear bushings that will need attention sooner than later lol) everything is right and mounted as it should. Parking Brake cable is routed as before. Just because i wanted to test the parking brake again and decided to film it. This time, keep in mind after a handful of times driving, the parking brake tried to engage, failed and disengaged, then it gave me the service parking brake message and light on the switch. I though maybe the pads were backwards but doing some research I am not so sure that is a factor. I had the pad with the spring on top on the inside and after attempting to switch it, I'm not sold it goes the opposite way I have it.

    So in summary I have a slight rear brake engagement when hitting bumps or dips. And the rear electronic parking brake is giving me a service parking error and will not engage. No CEL or other warning lights or messages besides the parking brake one.

    Any suggestions for trouble shooting would be fantastic.






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    I know this is old but just incase anybody else has this issue,
    The problem the guy was having in the OP is the electric parking brake line was getting hung up on the sway bar link, just pull it off and put a cap or something over the top of the link so the line won't go back over it.
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    Aug 5, 2017
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    Mine was doing the same thing when my link began to come apart. An important thing to check is to make sure the parking brake bracket is attached (my bolt came out) and orientated correctly with the tab in the slot (if you have looked at this, you know what I mean).

    I also used a zip tie to help hold the brake link up and out of the way of the link. It isn't tight just enough to keep the brake line out of the link's path.

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