help me out fellas should be a sticky?


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Aug 10, 2015
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ok guys some major problems im having taking the car to the next level, put a call in to mark viii muscle ( and also called dennis reinhardt automotive like 10 times... guess these guys are busy im looking for a custom tune and cant find one. started in jersey and drove to miami couldnt find anyone along the way? im in miami for a few months anyone have any advice?? also looking for a exhaust shop to install my 2 slp loudmouth 1 muffs without breaking the bank, looking for a good tint place as well. any and all help appreciated. so here is the problems plus one weird one.....
#1 A good tune from someone who i can talk to (97 lsc black on black)

#2 i can hear my injector signal through my speakers at 0 volume? lol weird i know

#3 a good tint place that wont break my door panels (hallandale beach area)

#4 a good exhaust shop to weld up 2 slp loudmouth 1's

#5 a place to buy good cheap exhaust tips online or other.

p.s i know and tried the search function forever.
ahhh the reason for the stciky my rear neon ballast is out? who tge hell rebuilds them? i read about people purchasing one but it was single phase i want brake and running lights... HELP!!!!!!!!
hard to get information on this site, you would think the common problems would be sticky's?
Maybe buy a shop manual. The information is provided freely by members who volunteer it thus its a privilege to those that use it. The search function works fine. What common problems are you having issue with? In this post, you only listed one problem and its probably a bad coil, not injectors. And thats not a common issue.
1) Blow-By Racing in the Tampa area

2) You have EMI coming through the radio circuit. Probably bad shielding/ground somewhere in the injector circuit.

3,4, and 5) I am useless for these as I am up in Orlando area.
use the Google website search instead. type in search terms here

vbulletin search is meh at best. it can made to work if you know exactly what you are looking for.

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