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Oct 5, 2020
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Hello, dad died I got in his car 3 times and the drivers door paddle broke. I guess he knew the trick to not do that. Looking for replacement drivers side paddle only if possible. 97 Lincoln Mark 8 Pearlescent white, chrome or willing to paint something. looks like clean break where arm attached to flat front. Anyone have success with epoxying? We just put $3000 in all new brakes and suspension for him as this car meant a lot to the family. Have to get it ready to sell as mom has dementia and can't drive it need money to keep her going so don't want to put much more into a sub $2000 car. Even though it is an exceptional example and still is a good looking car. Appreciate any help or advise.

Thank you
Go to junk yard and pull one from a lincoln continental or go on Facebook market place
They are a bit of a rubics cube to swap in. I did my drivers side with a chrome continental unit and I see the other side is starting to rub on the handle dish. A sure sign its getting ready to go.
xtriggerman. I'd be ok with chrome also but can you tell me a reasonable source to get it from is what I'm asking help with.
Take your pick.... I had bought just the lift handles without the dish
lincoln mark viii door handle in Parts & Accessories | eBay
By the way, just months after I replaced my drivers door handle, the auto lock started failing. And I had to tear the door all apart AGAIN! I bought $14.00 new lock actuators from Rock Auto for both sides and they work strong. I wish I had done the handle AND lock actuator together since that would have been much easier to do together. When my passenger handle finaly quits, I'm ready with a new lock actuator to R&R at the same sitting.
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I ended up using marine epoxy and it held great ! Informed buyer and sold car. thanks for the help.

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