Help!!!! 04 Navi

Ford Chick

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Jun 10, 2021
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Clarksville, Tn
I can not figure out what is wrong with my truck. It stalls like someone hit the fuel kill switch, but I have no codes.... and my stereo and DVD player only work when the headlight are on and even them its hit or miss..... just bought this thing for a steal and really wand to figure this out!
No year, make, model, or milage???

Universally, (for the most part), on any modern vehicle...

If it won't restart immediately..
but will after a few minutes... you could try replacing the fuel pump relay.

When relays wear out... they get hot and quit working.

No clue on your other issues... other than if somebody tapped/cut into the wrong places in a wiring harness... if the radio is aftermarket instead of factory.
Sounds like a fuel-related issue. I would replace the fuel filter first.

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