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    Jan 22, 2017
    North Texas
    Long time non-member lurker and fan, first time poster!

    I've enjoyed LvC for a few years now, and especially want to thank those who contributed to the thread on changing out the coil packs on the Lincoln LS V8. We used that article just over 3 years ago for my car.

    I'm the original owner of a 2002 LS V8 sport. It currently has just 76k on it since I left the traditional workforce in the fall of 2006 and no longer have a commute.

    I've been reading up on a number of topics in the last week or so as I'm familiarizing myself with the suspension while a local independent shop replaces some aged-out bits (we don't have the space/equipment to take that on ourselves). Trying to decide how much longer to keep the car as well, at least enough months to offset the impending repair bill vs. loan payments :)

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