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    May 26, 2019
    Estonia, Europe
    Hello. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I have a 97 Mark VIII with 260,000 miles, bought it cheap a few years ago when the local fuel prices started to hurt daily driving a Ford Expedition with mud tires. The Lincoln had run an LPG conversion for over 7 years, so it was really not much of a thought to buy it for daily driving. And daily driving I did, in rain, shine and snow. However after I got the truck converted as well (last summer) I've found little use for the Lincoln and it has been sitting for a better part of last year, mostly due to air ride, low beam hid and severe driveline vibration issues.

    As I bought it as an absolute POS, and have sunk over 3x the purchase price into it in parts and labor, for the last 6 months I've been contemplating selling it, since the issues haunting it have really annoyed me to the point of not enjoying driving it. However, recently I've been thinking that rather than repairing it to get a better price when selling it, I should turn it into sth I'd really enjoy driving, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions (much like my Expedition already is).

    Hence me now registering to the forums to get more acquainted with my car and sort out the various major and minor annoyances which cannot be solved just by throwing new parts at the car.

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