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Nov 3, 2004
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hello the heater fan quit working in my 85 fleetwood, has anyone ever had to replace a their heater fan in a brougham? should i start ripping things off from the firewall or under/behind the dash? any help would be greatly apprecitated, thanx! :Bang
The blower motor is right out in the open in the engine compartment as I recall. Should be easy. Just don't bet that the problem is the motor. The most common issue is the A/C power module which controls the blower motor.
well you see the thing is i bottomed out on a rock(yes i was in the middle of nowhere)and it knocked something loose in my heater, and it worked a little bit, but the motor jus made a lot of noise, and the other day it started smoking and filled my car with smoke, which really didn't smell good, so now i'm not really sure what the problem is
do you have a multimeter or test light???? You are lucky the car didnt catch on fire with all that going on. You may have a bit more testing to do. It is a great possibility you have some metled wires behind teh dash, that must be replaced.
alright i finally got around to lookin at my car, replaced the blower motor which was burnt out, and now the fan runs on high all the time(even when the ignition is turned off) but i can change temp, and whether its on floor, defrost or panel, i'm thinking a relay got hooched when the motor burnt out...does anyone know where the relays related to the heater are located???

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