Heater Pipe to DCC Valve Hoses Are They High Pressure?

2005 Lincoln LS V8

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Aug 8, 2016
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Los Angeles
Hi Folks,
Are the Two Hoses connected from the DCC Valve and Heater Pipes 'High Pressure' Hoses?
I'm thinking not because they both attach to the DCC Valve with regular hoses clamps, however they attach to the Heater Pipes with 'Quick Connects',
both of the Factory Hoses (3W4Z-18N344-AB + 3W4Z-18N345-AB ) have been discontinued for quite a while.
I see aftermarket replacement hoses on RockAuto that Do Not have the 'Quick Connects' on one end of the hoses as they attach with regular hose clamps.

Has anyone used the aftermarket hoses and installed with regular hose clamps on both ends?

All coolant system hoses are the same max pressure, 15 PSI. That is what the system pressurizes to.
Thanks Joe,
I won't even ask 'Why' it's designed it this way....
The pressure? That's fairly standard across many cars.
The quick connects? That's for ease of factory assembly when they drop the car down on top of the engine/transmission.
They aftermarket hoses will work, if you trying to keep it in its original state and form your best bet would be to call around and see if you can get them from a junk yard.

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