Headlight/Bumper Comparison: Clear, or no clear?


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Oct 18, 2006
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I am really torn whether to clear the side lights and use the clear bumper lights from ebay. I NEVER would have thought I would like the cleared look but it is growing on me somewhat.

So this is like deal or no deal....Clear, or no clear?
comments plz (amber on passenger vs. clear on driver)













so the question is.... Clear, or no clear?
well def not amber IMO. but I say color matched. I have gloss black ones on mine and i really like them. drop the orange ones off at a body shop and let them shoot them black then clear them for like 30 bucks and keep the clear so you can swap them out if you want. but def clear over the amber

and maybe pick up some chrome turn signal bulbs off ebay or those sylvania chrome bulbs
I am having trouble understanding. Are you saying I should paint the bezels inside the headlight gloss black?
and sorry nyc_ls8 I used tiny pic again...and you can't see them at work :)
I think he was saying to paint your amber side markers to completely match your bumper. Of course, next to no light will pass though, so just take out the bulb.

I love the clear look. That gets my vote.
thanks pektel. yea just paint the bumper lens black but if not that definitly clear. good luck with your decision
Don't just paint the thing black. IMO that looks cheap.

Its a tuff one. I say do what you feel comes to you. I like smoked amber. The natural amber is kind of off but I also am more of a fan of the smoked clear.

I also hate the chrome turn signal housing look period but that is just me and yes I understand some people differ from that!

I'm getting a set of clear bumper lens's and painting the housing black and then getting clear turn signal lens's to see how it will look with my black turn signal housings myself. I'm not sure if Ill like it or if anyone else will but its something that has to be part of trial and error.

EDIT: If you leave the clear bumper lens on get the chrome turn signal bulbs for sure. The amber reflection on the chrome clashes with the clear bumper lens big time.
Where are you going to buy clear turn signal lenses?

Where can I buy chrome turn signal bulbs that light up amber?
ebay has them. just searh for 3157 chrome bulb. that should yield a good result.
Well I just remembered now that you said something that LSK is sold out so I may have to wait for a set to come up used or wait to see a DIY come up. Someone said they did one for a cousins car but I never seen the follow up.

chrome 3157 bulb Lots of other places have them also.
Or the silverstar's, if you want that blue/amber reflection:

Wow, that pic actually turned out good. Time for a new avatar :D
It looks even better in the avatar! Nice!
I think you should smoke them. No one really does it and I think it looks great.
How about this? I think I am liking this look better than just cleared...





^i like this look the best, but maybe smoke that portion of the chrome (so it has a little more reflectivness to it)
Thanks everyone for your input but I am returning them back to stock ambers again. It was a hard decision but I enjoy trying new things out. I guess I will modify the clear bumper lights and play with them some more to see if I can get a look i want.
Good luck. I wish lamin-X would have smoked amber film that would be nice.

Good luck figuring out something with the bumper lens as well. IMO the clear lens with the amber turn signal lens looks off so lets see what you can do;) :D !
I say leave the clear and put the chrome bulbs in. I did mine last week but I broke the amber lense taking the housings apart so now they are clear.

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