Headlight Assy.

Lucke Juin

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Apr 25, 2020
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I need to replace the headlight assemblies on my wife's 2005 LS. I can not find them anywhere (new, used or aftermarket). Apparently, 00-02 used a particular assy. (which are readily available), but the 03-06 uses a different assy. that doesn't exist. Anybody have any ideas?

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You should be able to find them on eBay. I've seen plenty of 03-06 headlight assemblies on there.
If you're looking for an HID headlight, I have a driver's side packed and ready to ship. It's NOS, never installed with the plastic covering still applied.
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I have a set of halogens 03-06 I have for sale. as well as tinted tail lights outside units, not the decklid inserts. I also have a set of 1st gen headlights and various parts, airbag, steering wheel, etc. PM me if interested ill send u some pics

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