Hardwiring DVD headrests 04 Lincoln ls


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Jun 3, 2019
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windom minnesota
I'm hardwiring dvd headrests into my 04 Lincoln ls. My son hates car rides with a purple passion unless he has William watermoore to watch lol. I'm a cheap ass and picked up two rockville audio headrests brand new for 50.they didn't come with the box dealie that you plug them into in the vehicle so I'm attempting to hardwire them into my car. I pretty much got it all figured out except where should the rca parts plug into? Do I got thru my DVD player in the back for my navigation system?
What you are asking is not clear at all to me.

If you are talking about the DVD drive in the trunk for the THX navigation, it can not play DVDs. It only reads the map data from the map DVD.

Are you trying to get a video source for the monitors? Are you trying to connect audio out from the DVD player that goes with the monitors into your THX audio system?
Basically what I did was got a set of DVD head rests. Cut the plugs off the end of them. The main unit has eight wires coming out of them. Trying to figure out where the rcas need to go from headrest to my car
Your car has no composite video sources.
You will need to buy a DVD player or a multi-media head unit.
Note that changing out the THX nav is difficult because there are no off-the-shelf harness converters for that.
There are headrest monitors with a built-in dvd player.

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