Guess I was overdue


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May 8, 2004
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Tuxedo, NY
Well little things are starting to go. Changed the driveshaft center bearing in May (man there a lot of rust under there). Installed two new mufflers while I had the exhaust down. Last week the car overheated. Having never changed any of the components of the cooling system (drive belt was changed when I did alternator three years ago) looks like I need a degas bottle (leaking from behind the drivers side wheel). Just ordered one from the dealer. Hope I can get it by Labor day so I have a chance to change it.

2000 LS 5MT 174,000 miles. I've owned since 2003 and 37,000 miles. Based on the rust, car only has another 6 to 18 months of life (one or two ski seasons).

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