Greetings y'all from Glendale,and bijeebers my 06 LS is wounded.tell me!

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    Jun 9, 2016
    I have nothing but eespect for this forum-you guys are excellant,with all the info..I am in a tizzy I love my car, BUT----When I drive it it's a Great car, haven't been able to for over a year now. Disabled, a female, but I do my homework. My 06 Lincoln LS sport, started giving rear passenger door ajar,(no it wasn't) read here to
    Saturate w/wd40, that worked but the interior lights would randomly stay on which overtime caused the alarm(usually 3a.m.)goes off and runs battery off. Now it will go into FSM after a studder or slight misfire. It would shut my engine off completely giving me barely enough time to coast and shut off. Ok here goes we replaced all coils, still etc failsafe shut her down, only code showed throttle body we replaced withnew TB. Again ETC FSM replaced PCM still failsafe mode now saying gas pedal we have ordered it,waiting for part. Has 83425m on car. I see so many things to try but Help,I see alot of you have the same identical issues..I'm at a loss, when I had Dealership dx it the wanted double the price the shop she's at and the shop I go
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