For Sale Gen 2 LS / Thunderbird parts

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Jul 15, 2010
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Blue Bell,Pa.
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If you own an LS or Thunderbird for any length of time you know you will need all these items. They are for sale as a lot I'll gladly ship, otherwise shipping to be paid by the buyer or pick up . I will use USPS priority mail. These are all at discount to listed prices so don't bother asking.

2005 LS service manual Volumes 1 & 2 w/ wiring diagrams. __________________________________________________________________________$50
Sylvania Silver Star Ultra head lamp bulb #9005 __________________________________________________________________________ $35
C.O.P. Motorcraft DG529 8 ea. with one good spare ___________________________________________________________________________$390
Spark Plugs NGK 5464 Iridium IX 8 ea. ___________________________________________________________________________$42
Valve cover gasket set Fel Pro VS50724r ________________________________________$33
Air filters 2 ea Fram Extragard ca8956 1 ea. Wix 42341 __________________________________________________ __________________________$15
Oil filters 1ea. Wix 57301 5 ea. Hastings/Castite CF510 (these are the long canister=more filter area) _________________________________________$25

Heater bypass hose Goodyear p/n 63159 ____________________________________________$12

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