gen 1 ABS swap


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Aug 5, 2018
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deltona, fl
pulled an ABS unit from yard wondering if i can just swap them out .... forscan is limited or i havent found a section to update vin info but do i need to ?

gen 1 ls 4.0v8 sport model
The 1st gen Jaguar S-Type had a 4.0 V8. (2nd gen was a 4.2)
The 1st (and 2nd) gen Lincoln LS has a 3.9 V8

If you just have traction control (not AdvanceTrac), then all you have to do is swap the modules. (replacement module has to be non-AdvanceTrac too)
If you have AdvanceTrac, then the replacement module has to have AdvanceTrac too, and you will have to run the AdvanceTrac calibration procedure to "marry" the new module to your PCM.
yea i got the advance trac the light would come on occasionally think it could be low pressures or my pads in the rear are getting thin or parking brake sensor is locked up not sure but im changing it because of pressure the pedal will sink to the floor when warmed up no matter how many times i bleed the brakes . there is no loss of fluid .... ive swaped out the booster and master with same results .... i backed up the profiles from the modules and downloaded the modules from motocraft site with forscan but there not much to look at i compared the files using the module viewer but havent used forscan to flash over any modules .... were talking using the calibration tools in forscan ...the yaw and abs calibration tools will turn out my light?? or are we talking flashing the backed up profile ?? the ABS bleed tool doesnt seem to work im waiting for them to hopefully gives us a routine like turning the key to the on and off position or somthing :)

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