FS: Intrax Lowering Springs (Lincoln LS)


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Jun 29, 2010
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Selling a set of used intrax springs. They come with shocks as well. I only installed the rears but they seem to have some life left. The previous owner was not able to tell me how many miles were on the combo.

Full Disclosure:
The rears are cut. Not sure by how much. I'm running 275/35 18s in the rear with no rubbing at all. 9.5 inch rim. 60 offset. Please use a calculator to help determine if these will work with your wheel combo.

Asking: $180 plus shipping for shocks and springs.

Pictures: (Only installed rears, please do a search to see how the fronts looks.)




You painted your Zeus wheels!!!!

They actually look good. Gloss black powder coat?

Dont like the look of the intrax?
i got them powdercoated a few weeks ago. Again not too happy. Way darker than i wanted, but i can't complain...i picked the color myself, from a sample book

they were meant to be more gunmetal than black. Pictures make them look darker.

This pic shows the true color a bit better:

And i love the look of the INTRAX, just not my cup of tea. Would look sick on someone else's LS.
I like them a lot, it's a lot better than them being flat black.
How much? Would I rub if I get 20"s ??
Not sure. Depends on the wheels and how much tire you put on them. Which 20s are you looking at? Maybe i can help.
where are you located?
Im in north jersey for the rest of the week, after that i will be in the lehigh valley, PA for school.

Why do you sell everything you buy?
Lol bc i always buy things i dont need. I satisfy my curiousity and then have to sell. In this case i wanted to lower my car a bit more, which i did, but i dont need 2 sets of lowering springs.
Wait you want 180 + shipping for front n rear springs AND shocks?
thanks man. They are great wheels! you have the chrome ones right? they look sick on a black LS.
wow so low :)
please LVC are these springs any good? how many inches do they drop?

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