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    May 22, 2016
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    1996 Lincoln Mark VIII, 112K miles. Runs/drives good. My secondary vehicle so it sees little drive time though I have been driving it more lately. Only put 3K miles on it 4 years.
    The good: new radiator just installed 7/26, both power window motors are new, fairly new alternator and battery as well as upper/lower control arms and ball joints. New spark plugs right after I bought it.
    The better: Car has H.I.D. headlights.
    The not so good: It has a sunroof but I strongly advise against opening it as it doesn't like to close.
    Whoever had it before me did their own headliner and didn't do a good job. It's not sagging or anything it's just done in some fleece like material and I don't care for it.
    I have a short belt on it now to bypass the a/c compressor. Not because the compressor is bad as a whole but because the clutch hub on the front of the compressor (which you can buy without buying the entire compressor) needs replacing due to the clutch material being worn out.
    Driver seat is pretty trashed under the cheapo seat cover (on it when I bought it)
    Passenger seat is fine
    CD changer in trunk doesn't work
    2750 with the HID headlights/housings
    2000 if I put regular headlight housings yes, that means I will sell the H.I.D.'s separately.

    I can't upload pics. Don't know if links are allowed , if so here is one to where I was able to post pics

    1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

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