front LIP for LS - 80 dallors

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Sep 17, 2004
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OK i order a honda civic mugen front lip for my buddy cars and i just happen to put in on my ls to see how its look and WALLLAAAAA.. it fit.. with juts a lil bending and very little mods its loook sooo agressive... i juts order one my my LS .. TRUST ME its loook sooo mean.. MY opinion its looks better then the real LS kit...... here sthe site for teh kit.. mugen 99-00 pluss free shipping cant go wrong
Silver LS8 said:
ok i think i got the picture in but sorry if its tooo big i'm a high school drop out

OK i know i alrready upload the picture dammit jsut send me ur email address and i;'ll send u the pics
or does someoen want to show me how to uplaod a pic for this site
is someone else gets the pics please post!! I have a rear lip from my civic.. wonder if it woudl fit?? its a lip.. hmmmmm....
lexdiamondz10304 said:
Were are the pics.. im dyin to see,... LoL

i have to figure out how to change from IMG to jpeg and make its smaller to fit this forum regulationm
HAHAH I finally did it HOrraaayy for me




I think it looks ok, but I think you will have to have the trim for the sides, and the rear end.
benet00 said:
I think it looks ok, but I think you will have to have the trim for the sides, and the rear end.
i dont know about the side or rear i was jsut happy about the way the front fitts and look.. i've already order six of these so i'm hoping i get a discount on four more.. I know alot of racers and they'll buy these thing up for their civics and the price cant be beat with free shippin.. i talk to the saleman and he told me he can let them go for me at around 60 a piece.. i dont know how many they have left.. hope u guys grab them b4 i do.. by the way it would fit alot better if i had people holding them and i must say it pretty close for cars thats look totally different. just wanted to share my lil finds.. oh yeah i hope no one thinks i'm doing frankenstien to my car buT.. the honda accord 03 coupe stock wing fitss very well too.. i baught it at 160 painted for o3 accord silver and it matches perfectly .. even the color .. sorrry no pic i already install the wing on the car.. i didnt buy one for my car bc i like it w/o the wing
Maybe with a little extra cutting it could look identical (or close to) the prima LS you posted Gray. I just don't like how it sticks out a little too much in the front. Just my opinion though. $80 is a steal.

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